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100% natural, with no additional additives.

Welcome to EasyFeed.be, where quality, nutritional value and sustainability are paramount in every pressed product we provide. We are your trusted specialist in creating high-quality feeds for a variety of animals, from rural pasture dwellers to your faithful four-legged friends. With a focus on advanced baling techniques, we ensure that our bales are not only long lasting, but also optimally beneficial to the health of your animals.

Nutritious quality bales for your livestock

Enrich the diet of your cows, sheep, horses, … with our densely pressed, nutrient-rich bales, specially developed for the optimal health of your livestock.

Protein-rich nutrition for peak performance

Boost the growth and vitality of your meat lambs with our corn pulp beer draff bales, formulated for higher protein content and better meat quality.

Complete horse feed for a big jump start

Make sure your horse lacks nothing with our hay corn pulp alfalfa bales; the total feed that provides everything for a strong and healthy horse’s life.

Our products

At EasyFeed.be, we strive for perfection in every bale of feed we produce. Our focus is on bringing together the highest quality ingredients with state-of-the-art pressing techniques to create superior feeds. We always go for natural sources, free of artificial additives, making the final product not only safe, but bursting with nutrients that optimize the health and performance of your animals. In addition, we keep our production processes environmentally conscious to ensure the sustainability of both your farm and our planet.

The use of premium ingredients ensures the quality of feed you have come to expect from us. From the fields to the feeder, we ensure that each ingredient retains its nutritional value and contributes to a balanced diet. Our nutritionists work closely with suppliers and study the latest science to ensure that every product we offer meets both your high standards and ours. With EasyFeed.be, you can rely on consistent quality that helps your animals thrive.

The quality lies in our ingredients:

An energy-rich grain essential to your livestock’s diet; our corn promotes milk production and growth thanks to its high starch content and easy digestibility.

Derived from sugar beets, our pulp is an excellent source of fiber that optimizes digestion and provides a steady energy release, contributing to a healthy and active animal stock.

A byproduct of the brewing process rich in protein and B vitamins; Brewer’s spent grain increases the nutritional value of our bales, supports muscle development and provides a boost to your animals’ immune health.

Known as alfalfa, alfalfa is a protein- and mineral-rich crop that promotes digestion, increases fertility and supports a shiny coat, making it a superior ingredient for horse feed.